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Foster a pet, save many lives

Habitat 4 Paws relies on foster parents to provide the best and safest care for our rescued animals. All you need is to provide the love and care  to an animal in need and we will help you with the rest! For your foster we will provide a crate, collar and H4P tag for dogs, leashes, food, toys, and litter. All medical care, including vet visits, medications and monthly heartworm and flea preventatives, is also covered by Habitat 4 Paws. You’ll work with our intake coordinator to ensure your foster is the best fit for you, your family, and your home. And you’ll be able to be with your foster through the entire adoption process once they’re ready for their forever home!


The most rewarding experience for me is knowing I gave a pet a chance and then seeing them united with great families. Take a look at the video of Moose playing with his new dad that I recently received. How can that not warm your heart? It means the world to me as a foster mom to see how happy they are.



Play Video

Moose playing with his new dad

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Foster Application

If you're interested in fostering a pet, please complete the form below and someone will review your information shortly.

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Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs or cats? If so, please explain.*

Is everyone in your home in agreement to foster a pet?*

Who will be the primary caretaker of a foster pet?*

Please list any previous foster experience you have and the organization(s) you fostered for:*

Do you have a fenced yard? If so how high and what type (wood, chain, etc.)*

What other pets live in the home? (please list breed and age)*

Are they spayed/neutered?*

Are they current vaccinations?*

Are they friendly with other pets?*

Please list your vet's contact information:

What type of pet would you like to foster?*

What age would you prefer to foster?*

Where will the foster be kept during the day/night?*

How many hours a day will the foster pet be left alone or unsupervised?*

What behavior types are you willing to work with, if any? (check all that apply)*

What medical conditions are you experienced or willing to handle, if any? (check all that apply)*

Do you have experience with mothers and newborns? If so, please explain*

Do you have experience giving medications? If so, please explain*

If you must travel, what arrangements will be made for your pets/foster?*

If your foster needs to be isolated from your existing pets, where will it stay?*

Are you able to provide walks on a leash and/or leash training?*

Are you able to attend a one-time training class for further training and review of Habitat 4 Paws foster guidelines?

Are you willing to follow Habitat 4 Paws policies and veterinarian recommendations regarding the care of your foster pet whether or not you agree with such policies or recommendations? *

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