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One of Tammi’s earliest memories in South Texas is sitting under the Christmas tree holding kitty Mott while watching her kittens attack the low hanging ornaments. Tammi has not been without a cat or three in her life since then.

Despite husband Ken’s allergies, they currently share their home with Gigi and Buster. Gigi is nearly toothless due to an autoimmune disorder
but is the cuddliest old lady. Big boy, mischievous Buster is a foster-fail
acquired during the pandemic. Buster has proven to be the best foster
kitten ambassador! The household also includes Sally, a mid-size mixed
breed rescue pupper who does not enjoy the attentions of the cats.
Tammi was recruited into the H4P family in 2018 by fellow Board
member Anne McCausland with the arrival of a beautiful Siamese mix
named Yumi. Since then, Tammi and family have fostered upwards of
25 kitties with more in the future. It is so rewarding to see these kitties
go from bedraggled to beautiful and placed in their forever homes.
When not cleaning litter pans, Tammi keeps up with all the activities of
two teens and has served on her neighborhood HOA Board of Directors
for several years.

A retired clinical pharmacist, Tammi holds a B.S. Pharmacy and
Pharmacy Doctorate.


Tammi Tysell

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Tammi Tysell

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