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Nicki has always been an animal lover even when she was young and had family pets. She started to become really fond of cats after high school when she had her first apartment and got her first cat. This is where she learned the absolute joy a pet can bring someone. She got her first cat Bella then and since just continued to add to her cat family, today with Charlie, Dak and Azula also!

Nicki learned about Habitat 4 Paws when she adopted her cat Charlie from them a few years back! Charlie was a bit younger than she was used to, so she decided Charlie could use some playmates and so she began fostering. It only took her first foster for her to realize how much she loved helping a shelter cat get well and into the perfect forever home so they could finally experience love.

Nicki has her Bachelors in Media, Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Colorado and has always been into design and creativity. She worked a lot of her career in Marketing and Design for e-commerce in the tech space before transitioning into the product experience. Today she is the Head of Product Design for a SaaS company specializing in Email API, Marketing and Deliverability tools. In her spare time she is a big video game enthusiast, Netflix documentary fan and addicted to building complex lego sets! And of course, she can always be found hanging out with her 4 wonderful cats and all of their foster friends!

Director of Marketing

Nicki Snyder

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Nicki Snyder

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