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Pictured with Tom is Rex, his 15 year old Terrier mix that he rescued and adopted. Besides Rex he also has Joni, and Willie who are all rescues and prefers to adopt 10+ year old dogs that no one else wants.

Tom was a founding member and committee member of the First United Methodist Church Plano Pet Ministry, in which he got started feeding homeless animals through food drives. He is also a founding member and board member for Habitat4Paws, and took up Paws Pantry duties in 2011.

A life-long dog owner, Tom has volunteered with a number of shelters and rescue groups since moving to the Plano area. Any spare time is spent with his fully restored 1968 Camaro SS or 2011 Camaro SS and the North Texas Camaro Club. Tom has a BS in Electrical Engineering and has been a mechanical and electrical design engineer working on scientific instrumentation for 20 years.


Tom O'Keefe

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Tom O'Keefe

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