Rhiannon can’t recall a time in her life when she didn’t have cats. They are simply a part of who she is. She and her husband currently have 3: Finley, a giant lazy 12-year-old boy who was rescued from a neighbor’s garage at about 5 weeks old; Aris, a sweet 3-year-old tabby girl who plays fetch and loves laps; and Mira, a long-haired tortie point Siamese who is a total momma’s girl.

Fostering was always something Rhiannon had wanted to do. A few coincidental events lined up the universe just right and she stumbled into Habitat 4 Paws. With her passion for helping cats, she currently serves as the Cat Coordinator and assists elsewhere where she can.

She has enjoyed learning about all the details that go on behind the scenes in rescue operations and finds true joy in fostering. It’s an experience that allows you to know and love so many more animals than you would get to otherwise in a lifetime.

Outside of Habitat 4 Paws, Rhiannon works in scholarly publishing for a scientific medical society. She serves as the Managing Editor for the society’s two psychiatric neuroscience journals. When she isn’t working or volunteering, you can find her reading, gaming, or doing puzzles – jigsaw, logic, math, word. What kind doesn’t matter, but the harder, the better!

VP Cats

Rhiannon Bugno

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