Board Members

Nicki Snyder
Director of Marketing

Nicki has always been an animal lover even when she was young and had family pets. She started to become really fond of cats after . . .

Roni Seely
VP Dogs

Roni is pictured with Libby, one of many mama dogs with puppies that H4P has rescued over the years. Spaying and neutering is so v . . .

Dr. Don Grubbs
Veterinary Advisor

Dr. Grubbs is the owner and hospital director of Campbell Park Animal Hospital. He is a member of: American Veterinary Medical As . . .

Anne McCausland

Anne grew-up with cats and is a life-long lover of felines. She and her husband Jim have always had cats as a part of their famil . . .

Tom O'Keefe

Pictured with Tom is Rex, his 15 year old Terrier mix that he rescued and adopted. Besides Rex he also has Joni, and Willie who ar . . .

Shelly Sullivan
VP Operations

Since she was a little girl, Shelly has always been an animal lover. Her parents were never surprised when she brought home stray . . .

Shannon Kalk

Shannon is pictured with her dogs Mya, Peyton and Callie. Callie was rescued as a stray on vacant property. Mya was rescued from a . . .