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Board Members

Tammi Tysell

One of Tammi’s earliest memories in South Texas is sitting under the Christmas tree holding kitty Mott while watching her kittens . . .

Shelly Sullivan
VP Operations

Since she was a little girl, Shelly has always been an animal lover. Her parents were never surprised when she brought home stray . . .

Dr. Shaye Hohner
Veterinary Advisor

Dr. Shaye Hohner is the Medical Director of Campbell Park Animal Hospital. She was born and raised in Oklahoma City. Dr Hohner gra . . .

Nicki Snyder
Director of Marketing

Nicki has always been an animal lover even when she was young and had family pets. She started to become really fond of cats after . . .

Roni Seely
VP Dogs

Roni is pictured with Libby, one of many mama dogs with puppies that H4P has rescued over the years. Spaying and neutering is so v . . .

Anne McCausland
VP of Cats

Anne grew-up with cats and is a life-long lover of felines. She and her husband Jim have always had cats as a part of their famil . . .

Tom O'Keefe

Pictured with Tom is Rex, his 15 year old Terrier mix that he rescued and adopted. Besides Rex he also has Joni, and Willie who ar . . .

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