Save a pet's life by donating

Every donation helps H4P rescue, care for and house animals until permanent, loving homes are found. Here's how you can help.

  1. Make a Donation
    Click on the link below to make a secure donation.
  2. Cars for pets
    The proceeds from your donated car, truck or boat will help save and find homeless pets loving homes. H4P will take care of the entire process. For more information or to donate your car, please contact H4P here.
  3. Kennel Companions
    Boarding pets is a crucial part of H4P’s rescue efforts. Sponsorship through our Kennel Companionship program helps offset this cost, allowing more H4P donations to go toward a permanent shelter.

Sponsorships are $300 per month, which covers the cost of the kennel, daily care and walks at a dog kennel. Signage accompanies pets in your sponsored kennel at all public events and in social media. For more information and to sponsor a kennel, please contact H4P here.

Donations can be made here via the button below or mailed to P.O. Box 5662, Frisco, TX 75035. Please indicate the length of your sponsorship and include the name or logo of the sponsor. Thank you for supporting this worthwhile cause.

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